COVID-19 UPDATE: We are still running in-person study sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have added safety precautions such as required face masks, social distancing, and temperature checks. 

Are you an older adult, between age 50-70, with no current mental health disorders?

...if so, this study might be a good fit for you.

Our research group at the University of Miami is conducting a study to examine thoughts and behaviors. We are currently seeking volunteers between the ages of 50-70 who don’t experience any current mental health disorders5

What does participating in this study involve?

Participation involves completing a 2-3 hour interview on Zoom, and coming to the University of Miami campus for two 2-3 hour visits. These sessions involve answering questions about your experiences of psychological symptoms, filling out questionnaires, and completing computer and behavioral tasks.

If eligible, you may be compensated up to $135.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, fill out the contact form on ourĀ Contact Us page, or contact or (305)-284-5394.