Are you an adult experiencing difficulties with anxiety?

...if so, this study might be a good fit for you.

Our research group at the University of Miami is conducting a study to examine different emotional experiences. We are currently seeking volunteers between the ages of 18 and 90 who struggle with symptoms of anxiety.

What does participating in this study involve?

Participating in this study involves visiting the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables for a 60-90 minute visit. You may also be asked to complete a second visit approximately one month later. You may also be asked to participate in a daily survey procedure between these two visits, where you receive short surveys to your phone up to three times per day.

If you are eligible and participate in the study, you will receive $20 for the first visit (if all portions of the study are completed). You may also earn up to an additional $40 if you complete the daily survey procedure and second visit for this study. You may also earn a bonus for your performance on computer tasks, which can range from an extra $0-$125.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, click the below where it says “Click here to see if you might be eligible”. Or, contact us at¬†or (305)-284-5394.